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Who We Help


If you answer “yes” to any one of these questions, you are a candidate for Repeat After Me Accent Reduction:

  • Do people frequently ask you to repeat yourself?
  • Do you have difficulty being understood on the telephone?
  • Do you lack confidence when you have to speak in meetings or deliver presentations?
  • Do you feel that your communication skills are interfering with your career advancement?

Repeat After Me Accent Reduction training will help you master the sounds, rhythm, and intonation of standard American English.

You will gain the clarity and confidence you need to communicate effectively both in and outside the workplace. With diligence, you can expect at least a 50% improvement in your spoken English upon completion of the course.


Repeat After Me clients are in fields as diverse as the many cultures, professions, and languages they represent. Some of our former clients have been:

  • Medical professionals
  • Business professionals
  • IT personnel
  • Educators
  • Call center employees


Information for Human Resources Personnel, Hiring Managers, and Directors

  • Are your employees often misunderstood or asked to repeat themselves?
  • Do they have the technical skills, but lack the ability to express themselves clearly?
  • Would your organization benefit from providing communication training for your non-native speakers?

Accent Reduction is a cost-effective way to provide your non-native speaking employees/colleagues with skills they need in order to be highly productive members of your team.